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Trash is cash

We create a recycling culture looping the circularity and contributing to the global SDGs

Flakes and Pellets

Floating pellets take a long time to sink, if at all, so are really only for fish that will readily take them from the surface, like large cichlids and large barbs.

light and heavy metal and organics

From 1809 onward, light metals, such as magnesium, aluminum, and titanium, were discovered, as well as less well-known heavy metals including gallium, thallium, and hafnium.

Waste Recycling services

Recycling helps in conserving natural resources, protecting the ecosystem and reduces the carbon footprint significantly. From a business perspective, it requires a lesser amount of raw materials

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We have been able to recycle 600 tons of solid trash from inception, provided decent earnings to over 2500 vulnerable waste pickers, and we were featured by business daily in 2019 as a youth lead company with positive social, environmental and economic impacts.

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We are well-experienced Environmentals professionals with younger minds.

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