Our Services

1. Waste value addition{recycling & up-cycling}

  • We have expertise and experience of adding value and taking back {TB} to the value chain of up to 95% of all solid waste.
  • Turning waste in to raw materials.


2. Forward integration

  • We do not only take your trash away but we provide traceable follow-up through our collection centres and affiliate partners spread across the country where-by consumers of your products can recycle.
  • Brand protection, this is achieved when we provide structured take back[TB] process, and customised special measures of disposing. So that waste is not disposes in unlawful places like roadside, dumpsite, our rivers, and our living estates.
  • Providing our industries with affordable high quality recycled raw materials, with environment conservation aspect  {e.g.} premier industries, Halar, roto tanks, Apco etc
  • Our service is another revenue stream to any waste producer when they recycle with us.

Our Patners & Clients

  •   Kenya recyclers association 
  • National environment authority 
  •  PETCO 
  • JKIA{nas} we have been recycling for the for the last 4 years, {polythene, plastics, 
  •  paper and any other recycled product}
  • Kajiado county {Ngong dumpsite} this is the second largest landfill in Nairobi and 
  • we have been recycling it at a capacity of 40tonnes per month
  • Mathare youth CBO waste collector & Kayole mtaa safi CBO waste collectors